What is HollandJobCard?

Holland Job Card is a transparent and easy to use internet scene where jobseekers from different European countries can directly meet 'employers' in a clear set of rules. These rules (conditions) are all fully compliant with the rules both Holland as Europe uphold concerning temporary work.

For employers looking for temporary staff, HJC offers a database with tens of thousands of profiles from people throughout Europe that are looking for temporary work and who can be directly approached by the employer.

For employees, HJC offers a way to apply for a job directly, without the interference of employment agencies or other mediators, with Dutch companies looking for 'temporary' employees.

HJC focuses mostly on employees and companies in the agricultural, logistic, constructions and metal industry.


Jobseekers who want to register for temporary work in Holland have to register on the site by filling in a personal code with which the jobseeker can login. The costs of this (scratch)card with code is € 15,-. The card is valid for 12 months. Every 2 weeks, the jobseeker will receive a text message and email to reconfirm his registration. Thus we make sure that our profile database is always up-to-date and filled with available and motivated jobseekers.

The cards are available at hundreds of HJC outlets throughout Europe. We will start with this in Poland and Hungary.

Upon filling in the required information, one has to agree to the rules (conditions). As soon as this has happens, the jobseeker is registered and receives a confirmation. Personal profiles can always be edited by the jobseeker, for example of an update to experience or a change to personal circumstances occurs.

Registering with HJC for companies is free of charge. In order to access the jobseeker database (with shortened profiles), companies do need to acquire a login code. A registered company may also create a profile of his own company in order to show the jobseekers with what kind of company they might come over to work for. Using the 'Profile shop', a company may perform search queries to make a selection of potential candidates. The full profile of an employee may be purchased through a € 5,- iDEAL transaction per selected profile. With this full profile, the company can directly contact the jobseeker through phone or email.



In order to be able to work in Holland as a European resident, certain legal rules apply. By using the link below, you may find out more about matters like the Citizens Service Number (BSN), minimum wages and housing regulations.

Work: employment, rights and duties